Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Nursery Wall...

I painted a tree on my neice's wall (and some birds, owls & a squirrel!)

Just thought I'd share! : )

Commission #2...

I recently completed my second commission!... Really happy with it, I hope Pete Farley likes it! : )

Fabrication Pop Up Shop - October 2012

I took part in a Pop Up Shop in the Leeds Light shopping Centre in October, with Fabrication.

It was really interesting to see my work in a shop / retail environment rather than the art markets I have done.

My work was totally different to anything else in the shop, so it stood out quite well I think, which was good!

I did some hours in the shop on 2  different days, and I was looking at people's responses to the work which seemed really positive - they stopped and looked at it for a while! : ) 

Was really good to be part of the Pop Up - Fefintely open to more opportunities like this!

Artist Book & Zine Fair Friday 2nd Nov 2012

I took part in Sheer Wonder Press' Artist Book & Zione fair on Friday 2nd November 2012.

It was an awesome evening, depite the awful weather outside there was a really good turnout.  I met a lot of really lovely people which was nice too!

I had a selection of the original Diary Drawing books which people really were really responding well to, it felt so good to get them out of the house and seen!

I'd like to defnitely find some more Artist Book / Zine fairs to take part in, thats the right place for my work I think! : )