Friday, 7 March 2014

Diary Drawings 19th December - 25th January 2014

This is the most up to date complete page, as I say - I have  a LOT of catching up to do with my drawings! eep!

Diary Drawings 1st November - 18th December 2013

Diary Drawings 6th - 31st October 2013

Diary Drawings 5th September to 5th October 2013

Diary Drawings 15th August to 4th September 2013

This includes my second ever festival - Beacons, where I was taking part in running some Zine Workshops with other members of the Loosely Bound Collective - it was good fun! and went down really well! : )

My boyfriend Matt Taylor made a video of our zine weekend which you can see here


Diary Drawings 26th July - 14th August 2014

I was quite alarmed when I realised JUST how behind I was on scanning and uploading all my diary drawings! I can;t believe I haven't posted anything since Latitude Weekend! Crikey!

Well I've been catching up on scanning, so I'll do a mega post session and get as up to date as I am with my drawings (which is not up to date, but still!)...