Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Diary Drawings 29th April - 13th May 2014

That was the end of our Barcelona Holiday - I absolutely bloody loved it, which is why it took me a long while to draw, lots to get in there!

Monday, 16 June 2014

DIY Cultures Zine Fair - 25th May 2014 and the Yorkshire Zine Weekender 15th - 16th March 2014

I took part in this years DIY Cultures Zine Fair on 25th May in London. It was a fantastic day, there was a real buzz and I massively enjoyed it. I had lots of interest in my work and made quite a few sales too (always a bonus!) Here are some pics of my stall...
A few of my zines were bought to be part of this Zine Library at London College of Communication!
A video was made at the event which was shown on a Digital TV channel in London. My work pops up a few times on this which is super exciting! It shows the diversity in zines and art on show at the fair, and also talks about how zines, and the current 'zine scene' is definitely something which is not going away any time soon!

I realised that I never posted anything about the Yorkshire Zine Weekender in March - that was a fantastic 2 day event - in Sheffield and Leeds which I took part in...
I was there representing Loosely Bound too, and had some of Jean McEwan's zines for sale, and the collaborative zines: 'Postcards from Bradford' and the 'Loosely Bound Cookbook'. LB member Mike was also there doing some live drawing on the wall which was awesome!...
I was sat next to Cherry Styles and did a trade for one of her 'The Chapess' zines which I enjoyed reading on the train home! I did a few other zine trades too which was a new and exciting thing for me - I loved swapping with other zine makers and got myself an amazing "Flesh World" zine by 'with a pencil in hand'

I made some contributions to the Glasgow Women's Library:
At Leeds I didn't have a whole stall, but had some zines on show on the Loosely Bound table:

I made a contribution to the collective zine with the Footprint Workers Co-op printed on the day...
All in all, the Yorkshire Zine Weekender was a tremendous success! Both were fantastic days and had such a great vibe about the whole thing!

My haul from the weekend!...

This and the DIY Cultures zine fair were definitely amazing events to be involved in, and go to show that there is an audience for it and a hell of a lot of people out there making zines of various sorts!

Long may it continue - I love being a part of it! : )